General Manager

Restaurants and Hospitality Industry


Wade Turney

My professional and educational experiences have taught me to prioritize and manage my responsibilities around the strictest of deadlines.


Company Awards:

Corona Beach House won prestigious “Best Restaurant in Airport” in 2015 and 2016

Career Progression

My entire life has been spent in the restaurant business, dishwasher at 14 years old, cook, server, bartender, bar manager, entry level asst manager to General Manager and multi-unit Manager

Highest volume ever managed

7 Millions

Reduced Labor Cost

At Corona Beach House labor was reduced from 27% when I took over to below 24%

Reduced Food Cost

At Corona Beach House food cost went from mid 30’s to an even 25% in one year and stayed there during my tenure. (proper recipe adherent, better ordering, adding and subtracting menu items)

Increased Sales

In 2014 when I took over Corona Beach House it did 2.5 million. The last full year(2017) we did 4.8 million. The first year Shulas Bar & Grill opened it did 3 million, my last year there it did 5 million

Develop crew members into management

I had a host at Shula’s that I promoted to supervisor, then promoted to asst. manager. Shortly after I left HMS Host and joined Corona Beach House I hired her away to be asst manager and she eventually became my A.G.M Developed barback to become server/bartender. Promoted host to server numerous times

Reputation as a trouble shooter

At HMS Host I was promoted to concourse manager to oversee 4 full service restaurants. At Carrabba’s a position was created specifically for me; travel all of South Florida (10 Carrabba’s} to train and develop Carside employees and put systems in place for off premise dining

Community Involvement

I believe community involvement is very important to the success of any restaurant. Why would you not support and help the community that you are a part of and that your guest live in. Grove Bay Hospitality and myself with my Corona team participated in numerous charitable evnts to support the Boys and Girls Clubs of Miami. At Carrabbas I have donated food to P.T.A. meetings and support the Plantation High School football team with Pre Game Meal and ad in their sports banquets

Raise Mystery Shop Scores

Mystery shop scores was one of the metrics used to win Best Restaurant in Airport twice. When I took over Corona Beach House it had 1.5 stars on Yelp, within a year it had 3 and another year was up to 4.  

Local Store Marketing

I have manuals the size of phone books on Local Restaurant Marketing. This was a big part of building off premise dining and catering with the 10 Carrabba’s in S. Florida

Impact on liquor costs

At Corona Beach House I had total control over all menu decisions and items. I completely redid wine list, beer list, specialty cocktails menu ad martini list after I was brought in. I made smart deals and obtained contract pricing on lots of items and total LBW cost was in the low 20’s

Impact on profitability

The second third and fourth year I was in charge Corona Beach House was putting between 21% and 23% to the bottom line

Increase catering / takeout sales

At Carrabba’s a position was created specifically for me; travel all of South Florida (10 Carrabba’s} to train and develop Carside employees and put systems in place for off premise dining, specifically catering and delivery


Mentored a hostess to an A.G.M.

Unusual Approaches

Attend Veterans job fairs, culinary school job fairs

Improve food or service quality

Twice daily line checks, tasting, temping, seeing

Any training responsibilities

In charge of all aspects of training